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When You Need Stop-Loss Right Now

Why should companies wait 2-3 weeks for a Self-Funded quote?

TPAC powered by SLEQ is a new way to get Stop-Loss. It is quoting, reimagined. Built on the innovative foundation of Spaggregate® and enriched by TPAC's three decades of underwriting expertise, SLEQ revolutionizes the quoting experience. Now, you can request and receive a quote in real-time, without individual health questionnaires - whenever, wherever you are.

Self-funding is pivotal in Changing the way Healthcare is Financed, Disclosed and Delivered as it provides unparalleled control and flexibility. Making stop-loss easy and quick invites TPAs and Brokers to promptly seize opportunities showcasing the viability of self-funding.

At TPAC, we were convicted to build a pathway to simplify and accelerate this process, starting with stop-loss, especially for fully-insured groups needing a solution today.

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