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Our clients are the center of our business, and we work to earn their trust every day.
Watch the videos below to learn about how our clients see TPAC.

TPAC is dedicated to changing how healthcare is financed, disclosed and delivered. You’ll see our commitment to this in everything we do.

“TPAC has created a few programs like Spaggregate® and SmartShare® that have given me a competitive edge in the marketplace. The way that the products have been put together are financially sound and we don’t have to worry about second-year and third-year rate increases that make it uncompetitive and therefore we’re able to create a stable block of business for a long time.”
– John Lohrman, Enterprise Group Planning

With TPAC, you’ll find a partner you can trust with creative and custom solutions. We believe in cultivating beneficial partnerships with strong integrity.

“The Underwriters, Mike, Ryan and everybody at TPAC has always been creative. We have always done real creative things and trying to find someone who understands how to underwrite it is very difficult. TPAC has always been able to do that.”
-David Jacobson, MYMD Connect

TPAC helps our clients grow with attention to detail, leading stop loss products and responsive underwrites.

“TPAC is going to be a great addition for us because we just expanded into the Columbus market. So, for us, it’s a great product as you enter into new markets. And they’re the only ones that have anything like this, too. A lot of our carriers, they all say they’re going to work on something or they’re going to have a level-funded offering, but they haven’t produced. So, TPAC has been at it a long time and I think that is their claim to fame.”
-Julie Mueller, Custom Design Benefits

With 30 years of experience, TPAC offers clients a valuable perspective, innovative stop loss solutions and a strong partnership. You can trust our solutions and our word.

“What sets TPAC apart from some of the other underwriters is their word is their bond. And unfortunately, in this business that’s not necessarily the case. But it’s been my experience that when they say they’re going to do something, they do it.”
-Jonathan Coddington, LD&B Financial Services